Dimitre Lima

http://dmtr.org/ Visual artist who creates from material and technique experiment.
Mixing different mediums and context, as broad as programming, print, video, graphic design, art.

Print / Graphic Design

Lunar Calendar Poster

Process: Design / Programming exercise to unite a trivial information (phases of the moon) in an unusual and simple representation (the year distributed in a circle as the analogic clock)
After different proof of concept sketches I started to use computer programming to translate the graphics to screen.



Abismo Prateado Movie Titles

Experimental Opening Titles, made with glitter, slide projector, aquarium
Made with Renan Costa Lima

MTV IDs 2009

Programmatic IDs for MTV. The final delivery for this job was an interactive software where infinite different videos could be generated, with behavior and color similarity. Made with Processing, featured in Processing official exhibition.

HBO's Alice Opening Titles

Titles sequence, made in time lapse with tilt shift lenses.

Tramavirtual Opening



Audiovisual reactive system for club D-EDGE